Sounds batty

The talented Darius Kedros has gone to some strange places to create a sound work to accompany the Batmania sculptural installation. After some attempts to record at the bat camp with too much road noise, we actually had a bat brought into the recording studio by the lovely bat-lady Anthea, a wild life carer. The little rock stars with wings were forgiven for pooping on some expensive equipment by providing wing flapping good sounds. An early morning excursion to the colony (we are talking 4.00am …before anyone sane is awake) captured some great calls as the bats returned to roost after a night out. And after some experimentation with the robot behind the Fed Sq’s sound system we will have a delightful surround sound experience which apparently has never been done with Fed Square’s sound system before. What a whizz.

The sound work will play at 7, 8, 9 AM and PM each day and is the best time to experience this installation.

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