Taking flight


Each night a nocturnal pilgrimage occurs on the banks of the Yarra River only 6kms from Melbourne’s CBD. The colony of Grey Headed Flying Foxes that roost in the trees, begin to stir around sunset and set off in unison in enormous numbers. The Bellbird Picnic Area, is set on a grassy hill beside the Yarra and provides the perfect place to watch this nightly phenomenon. This is surely Melbourne’s most amazing wildlife experience, and yet very few people know about it. It is the kind of unique experience that you would take overseas visitors to.

Bell bird Park – Off Yarra Blvd, Kew – Sunset every night (numbers of bats are higher in summer months),145.0168686,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0x82ba1051b8c55450


Photograph taken on the banks of the Yarra, Melbourne © Artwork Kathy Holowko


The Bat Count

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The Melbourne Mega Bat Count is a chance to help monitor the size and health of the local bat population as a citizen scientist. Volunteers meet beside the Yarra to watch thousands of bats fly overhead in very special allocated locations. It happens once a month is run by the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology and the wonderful Urban Ecologist Rodney Van Der Ree. See the link below for details. Anyone can attend – yes that means you!

Image: © Artwork by Kathy Holowko. Photograph by Frankie Sergi.